My Fellow Americans

Dear America,

What can I say about the tragic event that happened in Orlando? I am just as horrified and sickened as the next person. How many more tragedies are going to happen in our country and in our world? How many more hashtags, temporary Facebook profile changes and status updates are we going to post until we have had enough?

Please know this open letter is also directed to myself. I am not putting anyone down because I am just as guilty as the selfie, hashtag, all about me society as the next person. It’s just who we have all become.

The reason I am writing is this is to start a fire within my soul and maybe yours too. I am only me. A middle class, hard working white woman. What can I possibly do? I pray nightly for those close to me and those I don’t even know of. I consider myself a religious person but let me tell you, I am elementary in my knowledge and faith journey. This is not some religious rant, I think you have read enough of those. However, it is within the very fiber of my being and yes I will pray for those involved and for my fellow countrymen and women.

America, when are you going to wake up? When did you lose your status of being THE greatest country in the world? You do realize that we certainly will not win the superlative of “most popular” in this years yearbook right?

America what happened to #BostonStrong, what happened to “We will never forget”?

It’s all too fleeting. It’s yesterdays news. It’s onto the next viral video, Kim Kardashian naked selfie, it’s Donald Trumps hair and Hilary Clinton’s coat. It’s whip and nae nae it’s just like that it’s all gone.

America where did you go? We need you. I need you. 

America it’s time to stop pointing fingers, stop blaming guns, stop blaming Washington, stop blaming immigrants, stop blaming sexual orientation and who is peeing in the stall next to you.

STOP PLEASE. For our future just stop. I am begging and pleading with you.

It’s time we turn that dirty finger of our own and point it to ourselves. We lost ourselves. We lost America.

It’s time to put on our armor, dragons in tow, and fight the war of selfishness. It’s time to care more and do more. It’s time to know each of our neighbors names. It’s time we SIT DOWN with the panhandler and ask them their name, buy them a meal and ask what YOU can do for them. It’s time we treat those with mental illness or those addicted with dignity and respect and ask HOW CAN I HELP YOU. It’s time we actually look up from our cellphones and acknowledge the human being standing next to us. Sometimes that is all someone needs, is to just been seen, recognized, as a living human being.

It’s not a hashtag, it’s not a facebook profile change, it just called being a caring human being. It’s called living in your reality instead of wishing you had the cars, clothes, fame, women or men in the fake reality you watch on TV.

It’s called simple acts of kindness not for one day, not for a week, EVERY SINGLE day you wake up and put on that armor of love and ask how can I help you today?

Until we start changing our ways, these horrid events will keep happening and THEY will keep winning. They are changing the way we live. They are inciting the hatred that they want to put on us. Turn on your television, open your social media. Just look at the hate filled comments, gay, bi-sexual, trans, black, white, immigrant, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist. Do I need to go on?

Do we really need all these labels to “define” who we are? What ever happened to just being people? What ever happened to being Americans? The country who donates to more charitable organizations than most other countries do. The country who in a crisis at home or overseas is the first to respond.

I am proud to say I am American. I am not proud to say I am just as guilty as the next person to do so little and not care very much. You don’t need a kindness day or holiday season to be a giving and caring person. What you do need is a mirror, take a good look at yourself and stop blaming everyone and everything else.

Put on your armor and be the America that we all need, that we all love and that I know we all are.

Be better together.